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Our Collection of World-Famous Cards Represent Some of the Most Accomplished People of Recent History

1.Nikola Tesla
2.Steven Jobs
3.Dr.Marie S. Curie
4.Albert Einstein
5.Charles Lindberg
6.Helen Adams Keller
7.Golda M. Meir
8.Wright Brothers
9.Abraham Lincoln
10.Katherine Graham
11.Dr. Marie Montessori
12.Thomas Edison
13.Henry Ford
14.Clara Barton
15.Amelia Earhart
16.John Rockefeller
17.Howard Hughes
18.Florence Nightingale
19.Eleanor Roosevelt
20.Clarence S. Darrow

21.Jackie Robinson
22.Margaret Thatcher
23.Gertrude Stein
24.Samuel Clemens
25.Thurgood Marshall
26.Helena Rubinstein
27.William Gates
28.Richard Nixon
29.Louis Chevrolet
30.Gen. Colin Powell
31.Gabriele 'Coco' Chanel
32.Benjamin Franklin
33.Betsy Ross
34.Sigmund S. Freud
36.Nelson D. Rockefeller
37.Dr. Denton A. Cooley
38.Donald J. Trump
39.Warren E. Buffett
40.John F. Kennedy

41.Mickey Mantle
42.Hillary Clinton
43.Barack Obama
44.John Wayne
45.Winston Churchill
46.Leonard DaVinci
47.Carroll Shelby
48.John Glenn
49.Roberto Clemente
50.Bernard Madoff
51.Roger Maris
52.Elon Musk
53.Capt. James T. Kirk
54.F. Lee Bailey
55.Robert L. Shapiro
56.Dr. Virginia Apgar
57.Dr. Joseph Lister
58.Dr. Jonas Salk
59.Sandra Day O'Connor
60.Dr. Christiaan Barnard


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Buyer should contact KRJ Gifts within 7 Days of receiving the item. Refunds are given as Money back or exchange (buyer’s choice) Return shipping will be paid by buyer Additional return policy details: FRAMES ARE SHIPPED PRIORITY MAIL AND INCLUDE INSURANCE. Contact us within 7 days of delivery for refund or exchange. Buyer pays return shipping

How long will my frame take to arrive?

How long will my frame take to arrive?


Frames are assembled and shipped within 3 to 4 days of placing your order. Custom orders may take a few days longer.